Washington Monument

Washington Monument in evening DC

Washington Monument in the evening

I love seeing the Washington Monument each time I drive into DC. Soaring above everything else, it gives me a sense of awe and excitement that never seems to go away. And to top that off, it’s built to honor my favorite president, George Washington. No building in DC is allowed to be built taller than the Monument. From the top of the Monument, you can see over 30 miles.

You have to have tickets to go up in the Monument. Here is the website that explains how to get them:


The ticket system is such an improvement over their old system of just standing in line. When we visit the Monument, I’ll always make advance reservations on-line. The fee is nominal and is well worth the time it saves.

A fun fact is that when the Monument was first built, only men were allowed to go up in the elevator (then a 20-minute ride). They thought it was too dangerous for women and children, so they had to walk up the 897 stairs!

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