Olney Theatre Center

The Box Office

The Box Office at Olney Theatre

Every holiday season, Olney Theatre performs a popular family musical on their Mainstage theater. Our family has enjoyed many of them and it has become a holiday tradition for us to see their winter show.

Olney Theatre

In our seats waiting for the show to begin

This year was no exception. Of course their family musical isn’t the only great show that Olney Theatre performs—they have lots of great shows throughout the year. You can check out their shows at: http://www.olneytheatre.org/

Olney Theatre is a regional theatre in Montgomery County, Maryland, with quality performances. It has a very homey feel to it—and all of the staff has always been so nice to us—whether on the phone or at the theatre. They have a couple of different theatres—the Mainstage theatre and the Theatre Lab. The Mainstage theatre is an intimate theatre with a balcony and pretty good views from all seat locations.

Mainstage theatre

A view of the Mainstage theatre from our balcony seats

The Theatre Lab is a large rectangular room with chairs on a slight incline. We’ve seen shows in both theatres—and I’ve never had any complaints about my seat. They also have an outdoor theatre where we’ve seen a couple of (free) Shakespeare shows in the summer. There is another added bonus for us in the DC area that I love; there is plenty of free parking at the theatre. As you know by now, I love free parking!

This year the musical is Little Mermaid, and we decided to see it the night before Thanksgiving. Our family has had a tradition for many years of going to see a movie the night before Thanksgiving, but we decided a show was close enough for us.

For this show, I bought the cheapest tickets available. I have to admit that I was a little bit worried because the tickets were in the balcony on the outer edge. After talking it through on the phone with two patient employees though, I decided that the risk was worth it for the price of the tickets. As it turned out, our seats were totally fine—as I mentioned before, the theatre is small and intimate, and my experience seeing Little Mermaid helped to validate my belief that pretty much any seat in the theatre is fine.

Pictures of the cast

Natalie checking out the cast of the show

Like all of the shows we have seen there, we really enjoyed Little Mermaid.


Ariel and some of the characters came out after the show to greet the audience members

The talent of the actors and the professional costumes and sets always amaze me. We can’t wait to see our next show there! If you are in the area and are looking for something fun to do this holiday season, I recommend you go and see Little Mermaid now playing at Olney Theatre Center through December 28. Enjoy the show!

Alicia and Natalie at Cinderella

Alicia and Natalie at Cinderella a couple of years ago, trying to act princess-like

Emilee and Kara at Cinderella

And Em and Kara trying to do the same…but the crowns were a little small

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