Eastern Market

Eastern Market

Eastern Market on Capitol Hill

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before how much food motivates my family. I can get them to do almost anything, if I tie it to yummy food. Cupcakes, cookies, pie, ice cream—you get the idea. They also really like breakfast foods—and that ranks right up there with the other treats.

So when I want to go into DC and feel like it’s going to be a hard sell, all I have to do is ask one question, “How about if we go for breakfast at Eastern Market?” That’s pretty much all I have to say to get everyone on board with my idea.

There’s a good reason why my idea works so well. The breakfast at Market Lunch, located inside Eastern Market’s South Hall Market, is really yummy. A lot of other people have discovered how yummy it is too, because it is often very crowded when we go. But that’s ok—it’s worth the wait.

Eastern Market

Sterling and Natalie getting ready to dig into their breakfast!

They are famous for their blueberry buckwheat pancakes, which we all love. We also really like their Brick (a sandwich with egg, cheese, bacon or sausage, and potatoes—you can also get a version without meat).

Eastern Market

Me with the “Brick”–of course a meatless version of it

On one of our last visits, I tried the tomato basil omelet, which was really good too. Everything that I see people eating there looks so good. I keep meaning to try lunch at “Market Lunch”, but we love their breakfast so much that lunch just hasn’t happened yet. I have read good things about their lunch though.

Eastern Market

Natalie and Kara happy after a yummy breakfast

Besides Market Lunch, there are lots of other shops inside Eastern Market.

Eastern Market

A look inside down the length of Eastern Market

There are shops selling seafood, meat, cheese, produce, baked goods and more. On the weekends, there are more vendors outside selling plants, produce, jewelry, and food.

Eastern Market

Some of the booths outside Eastern Market on the weekend

Here is the link to the Eastern Market website: http://www.easternmarket-dc.org/. To get more information on the Indoor Merchants, such as Market Lunch and others, click on the link on the left called Indoor Merchants. It’s a great place to wander through and buy local. I love going during the late summer and getting peaches there—they have always been so good!

If you are ever looking for a fun Saturday outing or an excuse to go downtown, I recommend Eastern Market and make sure to save some stomach space for Market Lunch for breakfast or lunch. Enjoy your outing and bon appetit!

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