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I’ve lived in the DC area for almost 25 years–not right in DC, but in the suburbs. When we first moved here, my first daughter had just been born, but I was determined that we would get to know DC. So I have spent the last 20+ years trying to get into DC whenever possible, with babies at first and now with teenagers and adult children. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get there weekly, other times once every three months. Sometimes I have to bribe my family with treats or other promises to come with me. But I’m always trying to find time to get into the city for a new adventure. I love DC.

Besides going downtown, as I refer to DC, I also love planning and going on trips. I’m never really happy unless I’m planning our next trip. I must have inherited my love of traveling from my mother who, despite our not having much money growing up, was always trying to get us on a trip somehow. On all the trips we take, whether to New York City to San Francisco or to Glacier National Park (I love National Parks, too, by the way), we spend a lot of time traveling on foot. A philosophy I have come to strongly believe in is this–walking attaches you to the history of a place.

Traveling adventures with my husband and four daughters have taken us to just about all 50 states, and even abroad. One thing I’ve enjoyed over the years is that visiting DC or any place with my family has brought us closer together as we have shared many memories that will last forever. We love to travel!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Marinda,

    My wife, Betty, and I met you and your crew in Oxford, Md. We were the guys who attempted to give you directions to the ferry. We hope you enjoyed your visit to our lovely little town. Looking forward to your “Eastern Shore” post.


    Nick Papson

    • Thanks, Nick. We loved Oxford and especially the kindness of you and your wife! We loved all the tips you gave us and can’t wait to come back to Oxford. I hope you enjoy my latest post, “Seeing the Eastern Shore by Bike”.

  2. Hi Marinda,
    It was so fun meeting you and your cute daughter on the flight to SLC last week. You two are so sweet and very nice to voluntarily sit next to a baby on a 5 hour flight. I love your blog! I’m excited to read more, and look forward to future posts. And thanks for being the nicest people I’ve ever sat next to on a plane.


    • Thanks Dani! We just flew back, and as we were boarding both of us were wishing we could find someone as nice as you to sit next to on the way home! I hope your trip went well and you are enjoying not going back to school.

  3. I am so excited that you have this blog! You have such a wealth of information about so many places and such an adventrous soul! I am going to sit down very soon and read this from start to finish! Keep up the good work! Do I see a book in the future as well???

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