Merry Christmas, Mom!

Hi! This blog post is brought to you by Marinda’s daughters (and son-in-law). We tried to think of some of the things our mom would like the most for Christmas, and we came up with a couple of ideas. We’ll get to that in a minute.

We’re out in Utah this Christmas break, instead of home in Maryland. While we’re sad that we’re leaving behind our lifelong traditions, we have a fun schedule ahead of us, and have already done so many fun things the past few days (you should probably check out our Christmas Card Video we made this year, and you’ll probably agree that we’ve already had too much fun out here…) Our mom is the biggest contributor to that. No matter the time and place, she wants to make sure that we’re happy and havingĀ a good time, making memories together. She has a road trip planned down to Moab on Friday! Of course she does. We’re sure you’ll read and hear all about that & the best things to do in Moab in an upcoming post. Continue reading