Cherry Blossom Lantern Tour

Jefferson Memorial

Cherry blossoms framing the Jefferson Memorial

Sterling and I had a very rare evening to ourselves—Natalie was gone for a couple of nights, and when you are used to always having someone around, it’s kind of a weird feeling to not have them there. We missed her a lot, but decided to take full advantage of our time. Since it was cherry blossom time, we of course had to go see them. Continue reading

National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas Tree stands in the Ellipse, a park just south of the White House (for those of you not great with compass directions like me, it is the grassy area between Constitution Ave and the White House). The tree has actually been planted there in the Ellipse. Continue reading

National Book Festival

DC Convention Center

The DC Convention Center–which is now the site of the National Book Festival

As the summer ends, and fall begins, I know to start checking on-line for the dates of the National Book Festival in DC, sponsored by the Library of Congress.  This year it was held on Saturday, August 30th, and for the first time ever, it was not held on the National Mall, but in the DC Convention Center. Continue reading