Biking in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park

Biking in Rock Creek Park

One of my all time favorite trails to bike is the Rock Creek Park trail. I guess I can’t really call it a trail—it’s actually a road (Beach Drive) through Rock Creek Park. On the weekend and on holidays, Beach Drive is closed at the DC line to motorists—so no cars. We like to start out in Kensington and bike all the way to the zoo—although the trail goes all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. Continue reading

Biking the “Lesser-Known” Memorials

George Mason Memorial

Looking out from the George Mason Memorial in DC

As I was trying to come up with a fun bike plan for a day in DC, I realized that there are some memorials that our family has never visited. It seems the more popular ones get most of the attention, and the lesser ones pretty much get ignored. I decided that our family was finally going to pay attention to some of the lesser-known memorials in DC. Continue reading

Winter Walk in DC

World War II Memorial

The World War II Memorial in the winter

This past week my 19-year old daughter, Kara, headed off to Peru for a year and a half, for a mission for our church. It was a hard week, but also a busy week as we tried to get her ready in the one week she had at home before leaving for Peru.

Even though we were so busy, Kara kept saying she wanted to go into DC while she was here. Those are words I just love to hear—but I also knew that her plane would leave at a set time—whether she was all packed and ready or not. So finally we agreed that if she had a certain amount of her packing done by Saturday afternoon, we would go into DC for a couple of hours. Continue reading