Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial stands at the west end of the National Mall. Also open 24 hours a day, it showcases our 16th president, whose large statue sits in the middle of the building.

After visiting inside, we always like to walk all the way around the outer part of the Memorial. Make sure you bring your camera for pictures of the Washington Monument and Capitol, as well as the Reflecting Pool.

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Lincoln Memorial at night DC

The Lincoln Memorial at night

Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial DC

A view of the Washington Monument and Capitol from the Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial DC

Korean War Memorial

My father-in-law was a photographer in the Korean War, so we try to always fit this Memorial in. The Memorial contains 19 stainless steel statues of Korean War servicemen.

The following website includes some moving thank you letters from Koreans to the veterans of the Korean War.

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial 3 update dc

The Jefferson Memorial

Located on the Tidal Basin, it is distinguished by its dome shaped rotunda. During cherry blossom time, it is especially beautiful, as cherry trees surround it. Inside, and in the center, is a large bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson, with passages from the Declaration of Independence and some of his other writings on the walls. The bronze statue was originally a plaster statue, made during World War II when metals where rationed. When the war ended, the bronze statue replaced the plaster statue. There are 26 pillars in the Memorial, representing the number of states in the union at the time of Jefferson’s death. Here are some more interesting facts:

Jefferson Memorial DC

Natalie and Kara with the statue of Jefferson behind them